l It is not just a price comparison website

In addition to the price comparison of products. Idealo also provides customer reviews, product screening and other services for users. Users can buy products directly from your store through the Idealo platform, achieving an average of 42% conversion


l Optimized the mobile applications.

Idealo mobile App has 300 million downloads and 1.5 million active users, meeting the growing demands for mobile shopping.


(wholesale children's boutique clothing suppliers)

l You can win top position without specialized SEO

Every store that works with Idealo, whether it is a big international brand or a small and medium retailer, has the same opportunity to appear at the top of the page by providing high quality data and competitive prices.

l Simple operation

The product listing only needs simple maintenance. Idealo also provides "professional and technical support" services to sellers.

lPay by order

The free-risk CPO business model has no extra cost except commission.

3.How to optimize the product listing of Idealo

Compared with other wholesale shoes usa platforms, Idealo has very flexible requirements for product data. The more detailed product information is, the greater exposure rate and conversion rate of the product will be. And Idealo also provide product listing optimization services for sellers. So how can we optimize the product listing of Idealo to maximize the conversion rate?

1. Provide GTIN or EAN accounts.

Although GTIN is optional on Idealo, product identifiers mean that your product has been tested globally. This not only helps the product listing to be published on the platform easier, but also plays a more important role in the promotion of cross-border e-commerce.

2.Use different currencies to display products and the price of each transportation.

This helps users to compare with other sellers, and at the same time avoid the fact that users can not realize conversion because they do not see freight rates.

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