n race. See l. iv. c. 39.]

[Footnote 41: Compare No. 3 and 177 of the Laws of Rotharis.]

[Footnote 42: Paul, l. ii. c. 31, 32, l. iii. c. 16. The Laws of

Rotharis, promulgated A.D. 643, do not contain the smallest

vestige of this payment of thirds; but they preserve many curious

circumstances of the state of Italy and the manners of the


[Footnote 43: The studs of Dionysius of Syracuse, and his

frequent victories in the Olympic games, had diffused among the

Greeks the fame of the Venetian horses; but the breed was extinct

in the time of wholesale slim usb flash drive
Strabo, (l. v. p. 325.) Gisulf obtained from his

uncle generosarum equarum greges. Paul, l. ii. c. 9. The

Lombards afterwards introduced caballi sylvatici - wild horses.

Paul, l. iv. c. 11.]

[Footnote 44: Tunc (A.D. 596) primum, bubali in Italiam delati

Italiae populis miracula fuere, (Paul Warnefrid, l. iv. c. 11.)

The buffaloes, whose native climate appears to be Africa and

India, are unknown to Europe, except in Italy, where they are

numerous and useful. wholesale plastic usb flash drive
The ancients were ignorant of these

animals, unless Aristotle (Hist. Anim. l. ii. c. 1, p. 58, Paris,

1783) has described them as the wild oxen of Arachosia. See

Buffon, Hist. Naturelle, tom. xi. and Supplement, tom. vi. Hist.

Generale des Voyages, tom. i. p. 7, 481, ii. 105, iii. 291, iv.

234, 461, v. 193, vi. 491, viii. 400, x. 666. Pennant's

Quadrupedes, p. 24. Dictionnaire d'Hist. Naturelle, par Valmont

de Bomare, tom. ii. p. 74. Yet I must not conceal the suspicion

that Paul, by a usb flash drives custom
vulgar error, may have applied the name of

bubalus to the aurochs, or wild bull, of ancient Germany.]

[Footnote 45: Consult the xxist Dissertation of Muratori.]

[Footnote 46: Their ignorance is proved by the silence even of

those who professedly treat of the arts of hunting and

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