same option could not be granted to the dukes of Brescia or

Bergamo, ot Pavia or Turin, of Spoleto or Beneventum; but each of

these, and each of their colleagues, settled in his appointed

district with a band of followers who resorted to his standard in

war and his tribunal in peace. Their attachment was free and

honorable: resigning the gifts and benefits which they had

accepted, they might emigrate with their families into the

jurisdiction of another duke; but their absence from the kingdom

was punished with wholesale ipad 2 tpu cases
death, as a crime of military desertion. ^41

The posterity of the first conquerors struck a deeper root into

the soil, which, by every motive of interest and honor, they were

bound to defend. A Lombard was born the soldier of his king and

his duke; and the civil assemblies of the nation displayed the

banners, and assumed the appellation, of a regular army. Of this

army, the pay and the rewards were drawn from the conquered

provinces; and the distribution, which was not effected till

after the death of custom iphone 3g tpu cases
Alboin, is disgraced by the foul marks of

injustice and rapine. Many of the most wealthy Italians were

slain or banished; the remainder were divided among the

strangers, and a tributary obligation was imposed (under the name

of hospitality) of paying to the Lombards a third part of the

fruits of the earth. Within less than seventy years, this

artificial system was abolished by a more simple and solid

tenure. ^42 Either the Roman landlord was expelled by his strong

and insolent guest, cheap custom tpu cases
or the annual payment, a third of the

produce, was exchanged by a more equitable transaction for an

adequate proportion of landed property. Under these foreign

masters, the business of agriculture, in the cultivation of corn,

wines, and olives, was exercised with degenerate skill and


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