language will afford the most

probably inference. According to this standard, it will appear,

that the Lombards of Italy, and the Visigoths of Spain, were less

numerous than the Franks or Burgundians; and the conquerors of

Gaul must yield, in their turn, to the multitude of Saxons and

Angles who almost eradicated the idioms of Britain. The modern

Italian has been insensibly formed by the mixture of nations: the

awkwardness of the Barbarians in the nice management of

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conjugations reduced them to the use of articles

and auxiliary verbs; and many new ideas have been expressed by

Teutonic appellations. Yet the principal stock of technical and

familiar words is found to be of Latin derivation; ^38 and, if we

were sufficiently conversant with the obsolete, the rustic, and

the municipal dialects of ancient Italy, we should trace the

origin of many terms which might, perhaps, be rejected by the

classic purity of Rome. custom leather skins
A numerous army constitutes but a small

nation, and the powers of the Lombards were soon diminished by

the retreat of twenty thousand Saxons, who scorned a dependent

situation, and returned, after many bold and perilous adventures,

to their native country. ^39 The camp of Alboin was of formidable

extent, but the extent of a camp would be easily circumscribed

within the limits of a city; and its martial in habitants must be

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over the face of a large country. When Alboin

descended from the Alps, he invested his nephew, the first duke

of Friuli, with the command of the province and the people: but

the prudent Gisulf would have declined the dangerous office,

unless he had been permitted to choose, among the nobles of the

Lombards, a sufficient number of families ^40 to form a perpetual

colony of soldiers and subjects. In the progress of conquest,

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