CF is prepping for big return

Schafer hit a home run in his major league debut against the Phillies on Opening Day 2009.If you don think 24 year old Jordan Schafer can do it, if you among those who written off the kid who pretty much owned 2009 Braves spring training and homered that opening day at Philadelphia in his big league debut, he understands.At some frustrating points in the past year, Schafer himself wondered whether he regain the strength in his left wrist and hand, after bone fusion surgery in September 2009 and dispiriting oreo 5s for sale setbacks in the recovery.had doubt in my mind going through the injury and everything that followed, said Schafer, who has struggled mightily during most of two lost seasons since he broke a bone swinging a bat during the Braves 2009 home that I been able to swing for a month and half with no problems, and my weight and speed and all that are back and better, I never buy oreo 5s felt this good going into spring training. I feel 100 percent confident going into spring training, that I can open a lot of people eyes and show what I can do. he realizes that some of you are rolling your eyes right about now. The ones already tired of waiting for Schafer to rebound. Many doubt he can or a fan and you see a kid come up and do well and then struggle, Schafer said, he gets sent down [demoted in the minors] and keeps struggling well, I understand fans getting pissed and wanting to give up on [him].at the same time, you have to understand I went through a lot with the injury and struggling to get back. Hopefully when I come back to spring training and show what I can do, people will be able to see I ready to go now. startSchafer won the opening day center field job in 2009 after going to spring training as a non roster invitee and putting on a show in workouts and especially in Grapefruit League games. He demonstrated a package of speed, power, aggressiveness and pure baseball instincts.It really was something to behold. We all thought so players, coaches, media members, Bobby Cox, all of us. At least one high ranking Braves official said that on a lot of days that spring, he looked like the best player on the field.He won the job over Gregor Blanco and Josh Anderson, the latter traded away late in spring when the Braves decided Schafer was their guy.The 22 year old opening day starter homered against the Phillies in his first and third major league games. He drove in three runs in that opening series, and Schafer was 8 for 19 with four extra base hits, three walks and six runs after his first five major league games.But he also had a sore left hand, from a painful swing he took in his home debut, the fourth game of his career. Schafer would later say he heard a pop in his wrist that day, but he kept playing, told team officials he was good to go.After working most of his life with a single minded goal of reaching the majors, he wasn about to oreo 5s 2013 say that his hand hurt and he needed to rest. But he knows now that he should have.After those first five games, Schafer hit .176 (26 for 148) with six doubles, no homers, five RBIs and 59 strikeouts in 148 at bats over his next 45 games, through May 31, 2009.He has not played in the major leagues since.Shipped to Triple A Gwinnett to heal and get his confidence back, Schafer rested briefly, but didn regain anything. Because the hand and wrist kept hurting during a few more aborted comeback attempts that season in Triple A.He played in nine games for Gwinnett in 2009, a few games here and there between DL stints and X cheap oreo 5s rays and MRIs, the last of which finally revealed the severity of his injury, a fracture that explained why Schafer had never felt right again after that or got past the pain with periods of rest.It hadn been a ligament tear or other soft tissue damage, as originally suspected. It was bone. In a difficult place to heal, especially for a baseball player whose approach to struggles had always been to work more intensely.Schafe had surgery on Sept. 9, 2009, a procedure in which a patch of bone was used to fuse the fracture above order oreo 5s his left wrist.Braves head trainer Jeff Porter told him after the surgery that it would probably take a full year before he felt right and regained his strength in that hand and wrist.After being cleared to hit again the following spring, he went into 2010 spring training hoping to regain his spot, but knowing that he might not be ready right away when the season began.It been three years of big ups and mighty big downs for Schafer, who said he now feels better physically and mentally oreo 5s than he has in a long time.Schafer had been told there would be lingering discomfort as he increased his workload and began hitting each day, but he figured he could deal with that pain, as long as he wasn in danger of reinjuring the wrist.The bone was healed. No problem there. But he underestimated the discomfort that he feel early in spring training when he started hitting again in consecutive days, even when just hitting off a tee or soft tossed pitches.Although Schafer had been told it take a year to get it back, that didn make the frustration and disappointment any easier to take when he realized during spring training that he still had a long way to go before he compete again for a major league job.It was the beginning of another lost season, which started late and ended early because of lingering problems in the wrist. He played 76 games at three minor league levels and hit .201 with a .268 OBP and .255 slugging percentage.

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