dustry by the labor of the slaves and natives. But the

occupations of a pastoral life were more pleasing to the idleness

of the Barbarian. In the rich meadows of Venetia, they restored

and improved the breed of horses, for which that province had

once been illustrious; ^43 and the Italians beheld with

astonishment a foreign race of oxen or buffaloes. ^44 The

depopulation of Lombardy, and the increase of forests, afforded

an ample range for the pleasures of the chase. ^45 That

marvellous art which teaches the birds of the air to acknowledge

the voice, and execute the commands, of their master, had been

unknown to the ingenuity of the Greeks and Romans. ^46

Scandinavia and Scythia produce the boldest and most tractable

falcons: ^47 they were wholesale ipad 3 silicone cases
tamed and educated by the roving

inhabitants, always on horseback and in the field. This favorite

amusement of our ancestors was introduced by the Barbarians into

the Roman provinces; and the laws of Italy esteemed the sword and

the hawk as of equal dignity and importance in the hands of a

noble Lombard. ^48

[Footnote 38: Maffei wholesale iphone 3g silicone cases
(Verona Illustrata, part i. p. 310 - 321)

and Muratori (Antichita Italiane, tom. ii. Dissertazione xxxii.

xxxiii. p. 71 - 365) have asserted the native claims of the

Italian idiom; the former with enthusiasm, the latter with

discretion; both with learning, ingenuity, and truth.

Note: Compare the admirable sketch of the degeneracy of the

Latin language and the formation of the Italian in Hallam, Middle

Ages, vol. iii. p. 317 329. - M.]

[Footnote 39: Paul, de wholesale silicone cases
Gest. Langobard. l. iii. c. 5, 6, 7.]

[Footnote 40: Paul, l. ii. c. 9. He calls these families or

generations by the Teutonic name of Faras, which is likewise used

in the Lombard laws. The humble deacon was not insensible of the

nobility of his ow

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