'Mobile Home Disaster' show filmed oreo 5s for sale at R

my family lives in a mobile home that was flooded before we bought it and then all the damages started happening. my mom fell through the laundry room floor twice and her bedroom floor has big holes where the flooring underneath have fallen through. we try to fix one thing then something else falls apart. there is black mold in our cabinets under thet sink. You have to be careful when walking since all the floors are falling down and the only thing keeping us from falling through is the 23 year old carpeting. my mom took care of our oreo 5s 2013 great grandma for 7 years, she is disabled herself but took care of her dad, our gramps until he died. my parents work so hard but can't aways work on improvements due to both their backs. I wish I could help out my family we have 7 people living here and the house is unstable. the bathrooms need lots of help tubs leak and shower has a crack all the way across the floor. I want to nominate my family to hopefully have your team come to casa grande arizona and make our trailer trashed house a home that we would be proud to live in, as well as safe and without black mold germs all over. thanks, rhino

My aunt moved into a mobile home to be close to the rest of the family. She has 8 youngins plus her and her ol man. There is 2 bedrooms. Im writing this fer her cuz she aint got no book learnin. They house is prety much fallin apart. They comin down mi trailer every night to take showers. They dun use their oven fer heat. Nd they oven just broke. I was comin on home when i drove past her house and she was outside washin her hair in tha gosh darn rain in her nightie. Nd she aint no small lady. They gotz holes in tha floor nd dem mice be getin in nd its so normal to dem they went nd got a crate and startin keepin dem as pets! I'm writin this cuz i feel so gosh darn bad fer dem nd at the pig roasts they sit me cheap oreo 5s next to my lil smelly cousin nd he cant take a shower very often cause we cant have 10 people at our lil trailer every night takein a shower. NOW, I AM GONNA GO HOME.

I wish they order oreo 5s would see our house it is the biggest junk yard you ever did see and we have live here for 2 years. We clean and clean and the house is actually falling down. I have 4 kids ages 5, 13, 16, 19 and we have no choice but to live here. The walls have come loose from the bottom part of the trailer and we have actually put down some new flooring because the floors are weak. When we fix one floor we end up have problems with another. Our bathroom is our laundry room and it is so small you can just go in and use it. We also have some outside critters that like to come in and eat the wood that is rotting. My husband doesn't work because he was hit by a car and we are trying to get his disability and I work a full time job plus any extra hours I can get just to keep the bills paid up and food on the table. The property has another trailer that my son lives in a room in there but the trailer has been on fire and it is considered condemned by the city we live in. I also take care of my sick brother and he has a room in the condemned trailer sleeping on an air mattress. My over doesn't work and I can't afford to fix it. I bought a used refrig because ours went out. The sink is ready to fall in. The top is rotted out. We also have big holes in the floor which allows mice in. We have a cat for that problem. There are holes in the ceiling that leak when it rains. We have patched the roof twice. Please help us out and consider us for the show. We try our best to maintain what we have and keep our children fed and clothed that we don't have the finances to spend on the house. We have cleaned up the yard that was trashed when we bought the place. We live in Jamestown Tennessee

I would like to send Bill an invitation to Louisiana (the Abbeville Erath area), to help my family get back in our home. We are in the process of moving buy oreo 5s our home from Erath,LA to Abbeville,LA, but after trying to save money by unblocking our home and putting wheels to be able to move it, as well as disconnecting the plumbing and the straps, we are now stuck in a hotel waiting on the movers for the last 2 weeks. 

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