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From watches to womenswear

Somerset-based watch brand Abbott Lyon unveiled its debut womenswear collection last month. The 26-piece autumn 18 collection, which includes tops, bottoms, playsuits, jackets and coats, is sold exclusively through its own website. Described as sophisticated but with a party-girl edge, the collection claims to offer “the complete luxe look” for less than £200. Retail prices range from £24 for a camisole to £79 for the Alexa blazer.

Drapers catches up with founder Jezz Skelton to find…


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Choosing the niches for dropshipping

Choosing the niches for dropshipping with the help of Google Trends

Google Trends is a wonderful instrument that gives you the necessary insight into general public interest towards this or that product. This service is designed to analyse search trends, so it can be ideal for your business because it shows:

How does the search volume change over time;

What are the most popular search terms;

Where do the people searching for this term live;

Whether the…


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How to find reliable drop shipping products

Everyone can start business online. It's no exaggeration to say that each person who want to be a starter and has computers, has all requirement for e-commerce drop shipping business.

The reasons for many people who want to start dropship business are its low requirements. But if you cannot find the right products to sell,finally you can not earn profits form dropship business. If you are new to e-commerce business or your sales are not…


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Why should you sell on Idealo

l It is not just a price comparison website

In addition to the price comparison of products. Idealo also provides customer reviews, product screening and other services for users. Users can buy products directly from your store through the Idealo platform, achieving an average of 42% conversion


l Optimized the mobile applications.

Idealo mobile App has 300 million downloads and 1.5 million active users, meeting the growing demands for mobile…


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