Pre-launch, new network for the European lottery, win even if you do not get checked out, register for free:
You can share in the profits of the group in your team, inpiù you can also win the jackpot to be won with a 1 in 300,000.
Online Competition limited, SEO and online ticket sales are low priority for mostgovernment-run lotteries, 55 million searches for the lottery keyword each month.

Customer benefits and competitive advantages compared to state lotteries:
We have many more chances to win for real! When your customers see the difference in probabilities than competition "state-run", it is difficult to find a rational reason to choose any other lottery, but ours.
€ 10,000,000 Jackpot Jackpot main non-carry-over.
The prizes are paid in one lump sum without deduction of taxes.
Your customers can play a minimum of 5 , group play - our software allows players to create their own play groups, and local unions to increase their purchasing powerand further improve their chances of winning - all the way up to 1 chance of winningby 1,500 to  10,000,000.

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