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Foxboro High senior Phil Dure admitted he was a bit nervous. The last thing he wanted was his 18 year old voice to crack on national television at The Hall at Patriot Place.

Luckily for him https://www.patriotsnefans.com/jacoby-brissett-jersey-c-67.html, the “two first names” made his pronunciation a bit easier as teammate and current FHS junior Phil Thomas stood by his side.

“Christian Sam, linebacker from Arizona State,” Dure said clearly into the microphone during the NFL Network broadcast. The New England Patriots had selected Sam with a sixth round pick, No. 178 overall, and the FHS pair were the ones at the podium for the announcement.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Dure said. “Not many people can say they got to announce an NFL draft pick, be on national TV and make a player’s dream come true. It was pretty cool, a little crazy.”

Dure, who wanted to surprise his parents and didn’t tell them prior, said he was happy to show them the video later.

“They were happy, pretty excited,” said Dure, who also met former Patriot receiver Troy Brown backstage. “And, I got the most likes I’ve ever got when I posted the video to Instagram.

“I posted it and got like 400 something likes,” he added of his TV debut shared to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram https://www.patriotsnefans.com/cole-croston-jersey-c-65.html, but thought Snapchat would’ve been “too much.”

Dure and Thomas were joined by a pair of football players from neighboring Walpole High, wide receiver Chase Conrad and Patrick Kearns.

“Live TV can be pretty chaotic,” said New England Patriots spokesperson Jeremie Smith, “but they nailed it during their first take in rehearsal and on live TV.”

Dure said the opportunity has given him a unique connection with Sam, one he knows he won’t forget.

“I’ll definitely be looking out for him on the field,” Dure said. “I’ll tell people ‘I called his name at the draft.’”

The opportunity, Smith said, was one closely related with the various initiatives the NFL takes in its connection to youth football.
Approximately two years ago, a group of two dozen Foxboro High football players joined the NFL Thursday Night Football crew, including coach Bill Cowher and Deion Sanders, for an on field demo.

According to Smith, the players were selected by both coaches and athletic directors. FHS athletic director Rich Cormier said him and both Warrior football coach Jack Martinelli wanted it to be one junior and one senior and thought each member was well deserving of the experience.

“It was fortunate for us, too https://www.patriotsnefans.com/woodrow-hamilton-jersey-c-66.html,” said Smith noting the fact not all sixth round picks were shown on TV, but the Patriots’ was.

“We loved it from our perspective. We wanted to give this opportunity to local players and let them bring in our future players.”

Dure Geneo Grissom Jersey, a three way player for the Warriors this past fall on offense, defense and special teams, said he was happy with the pick made, as well.

“I felt like defense needed some work after the season,” he said. “We got two linebackers so I’m pretty happy with it.”

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